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Welcome to my site: ‘Be The Key Counselling Services’ for Personal Growth and Well-Being. 

More and more people find it useful to meet with a clinical counsellor and personal coach that accepts them the way they are and works with them to achieve their goals in life, to disentangle from distractive habits and to cope with life’s hardships.

I believe that each person holds his/her own key to an enhanced quality of life and happiness. This belief is based on my professional knowledge of theory, research and practice in clinical counselling for the past 25 years as well as my personal life experience.

There are many ways to Be The Key and to empower yourself to unlock the doors to well-being. You can do this through individual counselling sessions, group sessions, workshops, lectures, courses, consultation, and coaching. All of my services are personalized and tailored to each person, group or organization I'm working with. The many counselling and coaching services in Be The Key Counselling are identified throughout this website. Be The Key programs are successful because they address your personal needs. If you wish to strive for personal growth and inner balance,  please click here, so we can connect.

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A personal note from Dr. Michelle Mann

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My mission is to assist you in your journey of self-help, self-discovery and self-fulfillment towards emotional and social growth.